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Cool Tools Webinar Series

Want to know about the latest and greatest tech tools that could take your business further in 2017? Well, you're in luck, because that's exactly what our 3-part Cool Tools webinar series is all about.

Watch as TruePath founder and best-selling author Douglas Mauro digs into some of the tools that we use here at TruePath every single day to improve efficiency, productivity, and just plain work better:


Webinar #1: Jing, ScheduleOnce, Join.Me

In Part 1 of our Cool Tools webinar series, Douglas covers three tools which are sure to make your life online much easier, from an intuitive scheduling software that automatically converts their schedule to your timezone, to convenient video screen capturing (yes, video), and more.


Webinar #2: Hot Keyboard, Dropbox, RegExr

In Part 2 of our Cool tools series, you'll learn about three additional tools to help you work better, faster, and more efficiently.

You'll learn about an awesome keyboard shortcut program that is sure to make life easier, a cloud-based storage service that makes collaboration easier, and more.


Webinar #3: HW Group

HWgroup is a manufacturer of sensors with an IP interface and its products are expertly designed for IT, data center, industrial, and security applications.

In Part 3, you'll discover more of the tools we use here at TruePath with an exclusive and in-depth look into HWgroup's diverse product line.




nBox FISPA Presentation

In this webex demonstration, we'll show you the nBox. This ready to go appliance allows the user to identify and alert you on DOS attacks, monitor end user access/throughput, and much more:


LMS (Line Monitoring Software) Tech Talk

In this talk, you'll get to experience a complete tour of our Line Monitoring Software, or LMS:


NagVis First Map Tutorial

In this video, we'll give you a quick walkthrough on making your first NagVis map. We're using the OP5 installation that includes NagVis but this can also be used within Nagios as well:


Distributed Monitoring with TruePath Technologies and OP5

In this video, we'll guide you through the process of comparing Distributed and Load Balanced Monitoring using OP5 Monitor. This webinar illustrates the scalability of OP5 Monitor, highlights the advantages of unified monitoring, and shows what can be done in OP5 Monitor to get the most out of your monitoring. Take a look:


TruePath FISPA LogServer Webinar 2016

In this video, we show you our Log Server Solution (LSS) which provides an easy to use web interface for capturing, storing, and retrieving all your machine's big data:




DIDX Podcast Interview with Douglas Mauro

Listen in as TruePath founder Douglas Mauro discusses network monitoring with Suzanne Bowen of

DIDX Podcast LogoListen to DIDX podcast episode featuring TruePath founder Douglas Mauro


Telecom Reseller Podcast

In this episode of the Telecom Reseller podcast, Doug Green speaks with TruePath founder and O'Reilly author Douglas Mauro about TruePath's services and our unique approach.

Telecom Reseller Podcast LogoDouglas Mauro Telecom Reseller Podcast Interview: Click to Listen




Camp Good Days Radio Highlights (Tour de Teddi)

In this episode of the Camp Good Times radio special, Douglas Mauro and others talk about the upcoming Tour de Teddi Ride in which TruePath Technologies is the 2018 title sponsor.



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