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Wget NASA Photos

Here’s a great wget trick to download all the Photos of the Day from NASA. There’s some great switches in there I never new existed. wget -r -l2 -t1 -nd -N -np -w2 -A.jpg -erobots=off http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/archivepix.html (source lifehacker)

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Edit a google doc with vim

CLI users rejoice! $ google docs edit –title “To-Do List” –editor vim Full docs with examples can be found at: www.commandlinefu.com lifehacker.com

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Dropbox on Unix == Great SVN !!

I’ve been looking for a way I can (securely) sync a (local) SVN repo for my many projects. In comes Dropbox with Win/Linux support! Here’s the CLI install for Linux: http://wiki.dropbox.com/TipsAndTricks/TextBasedLinuxInstall

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Fetching and (semi) FW’ing OWA Mail to Gmail Using msfetch

In the world of web, sometimes the web just isn’t convenient!  This is true when you are *forced* to use the web to check email.  My latest job only allows me to check email using Outlook Web Access or OWA.  Even worse, …
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Just a few files please….

Simple way to grab some files out of a RPM [cce]$ rpm2cpio php-5.1.4-1.esp1.x86_64.rpm | cpio -idmv[/cc]

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Git Videos…

Wanna learn Git … watch some of these: http://www.gitcasts.com/episodes or some reading: http://www.kernel.org/pub/software/scm/git-core/docs/v1.2.6/tutorial.html

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watch Command

While researching some issues I’m having with iostat, I found an interesting command called ‘watch’ Instead of running the usual command (up arrow, return, up arrow, return) [cce][[email protected] ~]# cat /proc/diskstats | grep “sda “ 8 0 sda 42113 18004 …
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Clock Drift Kills…

Well … not kills but many systems and applications go crazy when the system clock drifts too far. In this post we’ll focus on adding a new service check or plugin to the op5 Monitor software.  If you’re using Nagios, …
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Extracting Email Addresses From File (via CLI)

[cc nowrap=”TRUE” lang=”perl”]perl -n -e ‘if (/\s*([\w._-][email protected][\w._-]+)\s*.*/) { print “$1\n”; } elsif (grep(/@/,$_)) { print “MISSED $_”; }’ .delmenow [/cc]

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