Line Monitoring Software (LMS)

“Providing Telcos and MSPs with the right monitoring software that their customers demand.”

Large telcos are demanding their providers be compliant with monitoring.  Just check your contracts and proposals!

Whether your business provides Cell Site Backhaul, Carrier Ethernet, Metro Ethernet, MEF, OAM, Y.1731, etc., performance monitoring isn’t easy and you could lose customers (and money) if you are not compliant.

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Easy To Use Monitoring Software

Ease of use is just one function that users will appreciate about TPT-LMS. Customer-centric data can be reported and charted, helping users maximize the potential of their equipment. The interface is intuitive and can display individual parameters or aggregates graphically with just a click. Charting and reporting functions are fully customizable.

ITU, MEF and OAM all speak of Monitoring. Your services need it and your customers are demanding it. Very few like to read G.8013/Y.1731, MEF 3.0 or OAM specifics, but you must be compliant with these requirements. Find out how our software and services can get you there!

No hidden costs or up-charges associated with the free base installation. This includes the first year of support, and unlimited nodes -- a cost effective solution for growing companies in a dynamic marketplace.

Customer Centric Graphs and Reports (Data Warehousing)

Charting features with TPT-LMS offer nearly limitless presentation options. Ranges can be specified and varied with minimal effort, making navigation seamless. Scales are easily modified, to encompass the precise viewable area desired. Charts can be sized and printed to customer specifications.

Looking to be MEF certified?

ITU-T G.8013/Y.1731 recommends:
"...the following performance parameters which are based on [MEF 10.2]"

  • Frame loss ratio
  • Frame delay
  • Frame delay variation
  • Availability
  • Throughput

Our leading edge software can poll, store and report all of these metrics and more!

Give your end customer the live online graphs and reports that they demand. End-user web interface login portal allows clients to view infrastructure status. Monitoring features easily integrate into existing portals. Administrators can customize permissions for each user, permitting access to view/control appropriate devices. Web user interface can be readily retrofit to fulfill the clients needs. This includes the ability to resize, move, and modify windows, all employing the latest ActiveWeb framework.

The MEF35 specification "Service OAM Performance Monitoring Implementation Agreement", includes both Fault Management as well as Performance Management.

LMS monitoring can utilize parent, child relationships which are becoming more common in Metro Ethernet architectures.

Built-in Web Portal For End Customers Access

Our software can live in your datacenter or within the Cloud.

LMS is Linux based which means it's lightweight and operates very nicely on virtual machines. Let our engineers help architect the best solution for your environment. No matter what the landscape, LMS can get you there.


Optional Add Ons

If you're looking to expand on your software solution, we have some great add ons that will make your experience even easier!

Contact a sales associate today, to get more details on the available options.

Part Number Product Name
TPTSW-LMS0042601 Core Line Monitoring Software (LMS)Includes At No Charge:

  • 1 Device Pack
  • Base Install
TPTSW-LMS00247A1 MSP Add-on Pack
TPTSW-LMS00526B3 Single Device Pack
TPTSW-MNT426011Y 1 Year Software Support
TPTEPO-CNSLT001722B Installation Assistance (Core software includes base installation!)
TPTEPO-CNSLTTK250A1 250 Node “Turn Key” Solution (migration included)
TPTEPO-CNSLTMIG25A1 Migration From Existing Tool(s)
TPTSW-MOD001C44 Additional Modules (ticket, inventory, circuit, …)
TPTSW-PORTCNSLT02B Portal Integration
TPTSW-LMSTRAIN22 Software Training Session (up to 4 hours)
TPT-MEFLMSCERT MEF Certification Assistance