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PortStore5 connects a full RS-232 or RS-485 serial port to a LAN. The device features a 4 MB internal flash memory for RS-232 data capture. Stored data can be retrieved when the LAN connection is re-established. Remote serial port can be accessed in Windows as a Virtual Serial Port. PortStore5 has WEB-based configuration and full RS-232 serial port (9 pins).

PortStore5 Set includes: Serial port buffer to Ethernet. Full serial port RS-232, RS-485, Logger, Web interface, Windows Virtual Serial Port for free, power adapter, Manual, CD, serial LapLink cable. (alt name: Port Store 5 and stor5

Remote (virtual) COM port over Ethernet (LAN) Remote serial port for connecting any RS-232 device (full serial port = 9 pins). The HW VSP application creates virtual serial ports in Windows (e.g. COM17 and COM18) Connect RS-232/RS485 devices over LAN – barcode / RFID scanners, serial printers, displays, PLC, CNS, various machinery.

  • PortStore5 stores the serial port data into its internal memory (buffer). If the LAN communication fails, data will be sent to the virtual serial port later.
  • A variety of RS-232/RS485 devices can be connected – barcode / RFID scanners, serial printers, scales, POS cash registers, PLC, CNS, various machinery.


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