Poseidon2® 4002 Tset


Poseidon2® 4002 is a system for remote monitoring of rack environmental conditions (occupies 1U). Measures temperature, checks if the lights are on or the doors are open in the server room, and more. Relay outputs (4x digital output) can activate fans or an additional light. Poseidon® is SNMP compatible, includes a data logger, e-mail and SMS alerts. It can be connected to the SensDesk online portal or cloud sensor systems.

Poseidon2® 4002 Tset includes: Bracket for a 19″ rack, power adapter, Temp19 rack temperature sensor temperature sensor on a 3m cable, door contact.

Poseidon2® 4002 is a remote datacenter environmental monitoring solution.
It alerts to opened door, high temperature and humidity, or other sensor readings. Typical applications include remote rack or server room alarm monitoring.

  • Monitor your computer room temperature via SNMP (Nagios, Cacti, OpenView, ..) or with a smartphone app.
  • Poseidon2® 4002 is a 1U 19” rack mount device for one network cabinet environmental monitoring or entire server room monitoring. Up to 16 external sensors and 12 detectors (digital inputs) can be connected. Four relay outputs can be controlled over the Web, or according to the value of a connected sensor, for example to control air conditioning or ventilation.
  • Poseidon® can be used as a standalone environment monitoring device with email alerts or as a part of a complex monitoring system (SNMP or SensDesk online portal).
  • The device can be accessed over the web, using a mobile phone app (Android/iPhone), or through an online portal. Alerts can be sent by e-mail or SMS (text message), for example whenever the cabinet door opens. Poseidon2® 4002 can be connected to an external GSM modem.
  • For data collection and monitoring, we recommend our HWg-PDMS application that displays graphs and exports data to MS Excel.
  • For “IF-THEN” event management (e.g. “If one out of 10 devices fails, send a SMS to the admin”), we provide the HWg-Trigger application for Windows.
  • For remote monitoring of several sites, the SensDesk.com online service can be used. It can display readings from sensors at multiple Poseidon2® units and other HW group products on a single screen. The online portal is configured over the web and all devices can monitored with a mobile phone app.
  • Poseidon2® can be connected to various monitoring systems. We support over 50 different third-party SNMP or SCADA applications.


  • Server room environment monitoring
    • Temperature in a 19″ cabinet and in the room
    • Remote environment monitoring (lights, power, fire protection system, …)
    • IT monitoring of security systems (alarms, room / cabinet doors monitoring, …)
  • Remote environmental monitoring in a cabinet or in a datacenter
    • Temperature and humidity in the datacenter (inside racks, in the A/C outlet, under the raised floor)
    • Detection of redundant power failures
    • SNMP environment monitoring system
  • Air-conditioning monitoring
    • A/C, temperature, humidity monitoring
    • Control of additional cooling in a room or in a rack
    • Alert to leaking water
  • UPS / back-up generator monitoring
    Fuel level, diesel generator status, remote start over IP, monitoring of temperature and service contacts
  • Remote I/O control and monitoring over the Ethernet
    Monitors a remote environment, sensor values can be fed into any SNMP system. Enables remote reading of dry contact inputs and remote control of relay outputs (to turn on HVAC, restart a server, start a diesel generator, …).
  • Industrial applications
    Remote monitoring of dry contacts, 4-20mA sensors or Pt-100 and Pt-1000 temperature probes.
    Data logger stores the values in the internal memory. Modbus/TCP protocol can be used for integration with SCADA systems.
  • Cooler and freezer monitoring alarm indication
    Measures temperature and humidity in a cooler or a freezer. When a value is out of a safe range, a relay output is activated to e.g. turn on a warning light or sound a horn. Suitable for monitoring storages of food or pharmaceuticals. We recommend the PDMS software to monitor temperature.
  • Temperature and other measurements in a cloud
    Poseidon2 remote monitoring device can be connected to cloud systems. Contact us for details.
  • Surveillance systems
    Sensor readings and detector states can be fed to IP camera systems of various brands. Digital Outputs can be used to turn on the lights in a certain zone or open/close gates.
  • Smart buildings
    Sensor readings can be shared in several applications. Relay outputs can be controlled as remote I/O.

Live demo: poseidon2.hwg.czTruePath is the exclusive partner of HWgroup covering their entire product line.  Feel free to contact us for direct sales, distributor sales and technical support.

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