HWg-Trigger: Alert Management Software


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HWg-Trigger is a Windows software utility that alerts to a failed device (out of 10 listed), starts applications, or redirects alarms to text messages (SMS). An action (e.g. displaying a pop-up message) can be assigned to each condition (e.g. a sensor reading out of safe range).

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HWg-Trigger is an alert management software for Windows (If-Than). An event is when sensor is disconnected, values out of allowed range, or pressed buttons. A condition triggers an action. For example, a text message (SMS) is sent to several numbers, a relay output is activated over the network, a Windows application is started, or a warning message is displayed.

A “Condition” (event) and its assigned “Action” form a “Rule.” Up to 90 rules can be added to the application. For each rule, a repetition interval can be specified. Each rule can be tied to an IP address (e.g. to distinguish if the notebook with the application is connected “at home,” “in the office,” or at a “public place”).

    Input (supported devices)

  • Poseidon xxxx (all models):Measures temperature, humidity, voltage, current, dry contact states etc. over IP / SNMP / XML
  • Damocles xxxx (all models): Digital inputs and outputs over a LAN
  • HWg-PWR: M-Bus IP energy meter
  • HWg-WLD: Water leak detector
  • Output (supported actions)

  • PC: Display a pop-up window, play a sound, start an application, start a service, shut down the PC
  • Over the network: Activate/deactivate a remote relay contact
  • SMS over the network: Alerts can be sent as text messages (SMS) via a remote HWg-SMS-GW over the network
  • SMS over a local GSM modem: Sends a text message with the alert
  • Application: MS Windows, NT service (background functions, suitable for servers, too)

    Operating system: MS Windows (32/64 bit) – including server versions

    Data input (Protocols): XML polling, SNMP Traps

    Data processing: Condition > Action


  • HWg-Trigger: 30-day trial version (fully functional)
  • HWg-Trigger: Unrestricted commercial version
  • Monitored conditions (input events)

  • Device disconnected: Device is unavailable for a certain period of time
  • Sensor disconnected: Device is available but at least one of its sensors is disconnected
  • Sensor outside SafeRange: At least one sensor reading is outside of the specified range
  • Sensor value: Sensor reading is higher than / less than the configured value
  • Failure of listed device: A device on the list is unavailable
  • Sensor alert (SNMP Trap)
  • Device restart (SNMP Trap)
  • HWg-Trigger Manual

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