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Enterprise Principle Offering (EPO)


Our Enterprise Principle Offering (EPO) is a fully managed monitoring software service. This award winning service configures and maintains your monitoring software remotely. You own the software in your datacenter. From OpenSource to Enterprise grade software, we can manage it all. TruePath’s managed services are custom designed based on your company’s needs, available software and IT landscape. We give your people the tools, charts, training and alerts they  need. Here’s a small list of typical items we support.

  • Application Monitoring
  • Custom Charts and Reports
  • Monitoring SW Training
  • Redeploy existing software
  • Future HW assessments
  • Datacenter Monitoring
  • Custom TL1 (non SNMP)
  • Network Monitoring
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Alerts
  • Traps and MIB databases
  • Dry contact enclosures
  • Generators
  • Battery Backups

Enterprise Software Assessments


How many software packages does your company currently have? More importantly, how many do you actually use? Most companies have a handful of monitoring packages scattered throughout the business. Overlaps, unused or not using them to their full potential is a waste of time and money. Let TruePath assess your monitoring landscape.

Enterprise Software Assessments
  • What packages do you currently have; paid for and are paying maintenance on?  Overlaps and unused software is wasting money.
  • What are you monitoring?  Almost anything in your Data Center can be monitored.  Servers, Software applications; let’s make sure you have the right objects monitored to keep your team informed.
  • Who is using them?  Great tools but no one using them?  Could it be education or simply not useful information?
  • Recommendations? Let TruePath assess your entire landscape.  Our deliverable is a detailed write up focuses on current layout and recommendations that could be made.

Custom Consulting Services


TruePath’s consulting services encompass the complete enterprise. Our skilled team of engineers will review, assess, identify issues and lead in the install and configuration changes within your landscape.

Custom Consulting Services

We start with a full enterprise environment monitoring assessment which includes an inventory of all monitoring software tools purchased and utilized (and underutilized), recommendations for consolidation, reduction in noise, cleanup, enhancement reports, complete redeployment from the foundation layer up, and, if required, implementation of new, more focused tools.

TruePath specializes in business application processes analysis and monitoring solutions. We leverage your IT teams’ knowledge by giving them the ability to collect data, report, monitor, proactively react and fix issues within your business process environment.


MonTheMon - Monitoring The Monitoring Server

Who’s monitoring your monitoring system?
How do you get alerted when your monitoring system goes down? TruePath offers a secure, dedicated cloud based service that “monitors your monitor” called MonTheMon(tm). Our service performs detailed checks of your monitoring server. Outages are sent via email using your server or outside SMTP as well (fully configurable).

  • Dedicated cloud instance for complete security
  • Online web configuration
  • Up to 5 key checks performed at your chosen interval
  • 1 time yearly cost of $900 (no setup charges)

Call us today (585-672-5481) or drop us an email at: MonTheMon@truepathtechnologies.com