Scheduled Meeting (DRM)

Thank you for scheduling a meeting. You’ll be receiving a calendar invite shortly.


(Q): Who’s Calling Who?

We typically use our conference/ bridge for our calls.  These numbers are listed within the calendar invite you’ll be getting in your email.  If you would like us to call you directly or use a different means (skype, cell, etc), just let us know before the call.

(Q): Should I Join The Join.Me?

Unless we’re doing a demo or you want to share something with us, there’s no need to start the session.

(Q): Are There International Conference Numbers?

Yes. Open your calendar invite/event and click on the link.  When the app starts, click the phone section and there you’ll find the list of international numbers.

(Q): I Need To Reschedule, What Do I Do?

That’s OK, it happens. Simply use the reschedule link within your calendar invite/event to pick a few more times that work for you.

(Q): Can’t I Just Talk To Someone?

You bet!  Give us a call anytime at 585-672-5481 or email us at [email protected]