WLD sensing and conn cable (water)


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WLD water sensing and connection (extension) cables. Can be connected to HWg-WLD or HWg-WLD Relay device.

Ordering is by (Length of Connector Cable) (Length of Water Sensing Cable)

  • Connection cable Sensing cable end termination
  • Detects even the smallest volume of liquid (Detection of water, ethylene glycol or other conductive liquid)
  • Water detection in the whole range of the detection part
  • Sensor can be connected to HWg-WLD or HWg-WLD Relay
  • Detection cables can be combined and prolonged to up to 85 meters
  • Soaked detection cable can be dried and reused

The cable can be prolonged to up to 85m of detection cable and 100m of prolong cable (185m in total).

TruePath is the exclusive partner of HWgroup covering their entire product line.  Feel free to contact us for direct sales, distributor sales and technical support.

Cable Length (conn/water)

2m 2m, 2 10m, 2 50m

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