ProfiSharkTM 10G

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Fiber TAP with Enhanced Timestamp Precision

ProfiShark 10G is a portable fiber TAP and troubleshooter that can provide complete visibility into 10G fiber networks through a USB 3.0 connection. It does that by combining all the innovative features of the ProfiShark 10G with added GPS and PPS functionalities, for advanced timestamping.

A groundbreaking pocket size device, ProfiShark 10G has GPS timestamping feature that allows real time analysis of aggregated and buffered traffic.

Thanks to the ProfiShark series’ signature compact design, ProfiShark 10G can be easily transported on the field. Also, all traffic capture and troubleshooting can be done with just a laptop or any computer with a USB 3.0 port.


The ProfiShark 10G provides visibility into 10G fiber optic networks, making it the perfect troubleshooting tool for field engineers as well as for long-term traffic collection. As an all-in-one network TAP in a pocket-sized box, this portable device gives you all the flexibility and ease of use you require for network monitoring. The only additional hardware required is a PC with a free USB 3.0 port. The ProfiShark 10G captures packets of all sizes and types and oers a wide assortment of hardware filters, statistics and configuration options, through the ProfiShark Manager.


  • 10G fiber monitoring on USB 3.0
  • USB 3.0 powered
  • Non-intrusive, fail-safe monitoring
  • Hardware aggregation
  • SPAN and In-Line modes
  • Captures any type of frames
  • Hardware filtering, deep packet inspection
  • Packet slicing
  • 8 ns hardware timestamp
  • GPS-linked timestamping with PPS synchronization
  • Customizable real-time statistics
  • In-depth network port diagnostics
  • Low level error and bandwidth monitoring
  • Direct capture to disk
  • Invisible to the network


This feature allows real-time analysis of aggregated and buered traffic. It can tag packets with UTC-based, GPS-linked, nanosecond resolution timestamps (typical ± 16ns precision) A PPS input is also possible for traffic capture, timestamping, port diagnostics, and port control.

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