Poseidon®- Environmental Monitoring over LAN

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Poseidon®devices matrix overview – remote monitoring devices over IP & SMS. Poseidon is system for data-center temperature and environmental monitoring. The Poseidon solution monitors (temperature, humidity, electricity supply, access to the room, water leak detector). Alerting works by e-mail, SNMP traps, SMS, output relays.

Poseidon 2250 Poseidon2 3266 Poseidon2 3268 Poseidon2 3468 Poseidon 4002
Model photo Poseidon 2250
1  2  3  4 5
Poseidon2 3266
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Poseidon2 3268
1  2  3  4
Poseidon2 3468
1  2  3
Poseidon 4002
1   2  3
Online demos Online demo Online demo Online demo Online demo Online demo
Digital Inputs (DI) DI DI DI DI DI
Door contactFlood (water level) detectorSmoke and gas detectorsVoltage detectorMotion detector
Digital Outputs (DO) 2
(relay 110/230V)
1-Wire sensors 
RJ11 bus up to 60m
10 sensors 8 sensors sensors sensors 12 sensors
Temperature or Humidity
1-Wire UNI sensors
RJ11 bus up to 60m
Voltage 0-15V / 0-60VCurrent 0-20mA / 4-20mA / 0-30A ACLight (luminous intensity)Pt100/Pt1000Water Leak Detection
Industrial sensors
RS-485 bus up to 1000m
26 sensors
TemperatureHumidityAir preassureVoltageCurrent
Power 12V 9-30V 9-30V 9-30V / -48V 12V
Logger capacity 40,000 records 250,000 records 250,000 records 250,000 records
HTMLXMLFlash setup
SMTP Email
Local SMS Alarms 
(local GSM modem + SIM card)
HWg-SMS-GW client 
(remote GSM modem support)
Online portal compatible
HWg-SDK for programmers
(Software Development Kit)
Firmwares FW v.1.0.11 FW v.1.1.10 FW v.1.1.10 FW v.1.1.10 FW v.2.0.13
Note Prev model: Poseidon 3266 Prev model: Poseidon 3268 Prev model: Poseidon 3468
Configuration SW UDP Config
Application software HWg-TriggerHWg-PDMS
Third party SW applications Nagios, Zabbix, HP (OpenView) NNM, IBM Tivoli, MSC Operations Manager, The Dude, Paessler IPCheck, Ipswitch WhatsUp, Axence, LoriotPro, GFi NSM, SNMPc 7, CA NSM, ActiveXperts NM, Intellipool NM, ATEAS, AlViS
Check the power limitation how many sensors can be connected per one RJ11 port (typically max 2 1-Wire UNI sensor per one port)