Open Source Software Support

TruePath Technologies is a leader in monitoring tools and many of these software tools are available for free under open source licenses to end-users.  The problem with these tools is support. When there's a problem, who can we turn to?

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Where do we go for help? TruePath Technologies has long term experience with open source software support using: Nagios, Cacti, Check_MK, RRDtool, op5, NagVis, MRTG, NSClient, ntop, smoke ping, etc (just to name a few). We pride ourselves in servicing our customers needs with quick response times, great pricing and thinking out of the box with best practices recommendations.

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Software Support Services

  • Custom service levels and support options to meet your needs.

  • Able to provide 24x7 phone and ticket support if needed.

  • Support for multiple software releases within your environment.

  • Consulting services available at a discounted rate for bug fixes, enhancements, plugins, etc..

  • Onsite and remote training for your staff and NOC.

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Consulting Services

  • Install and configure the software to your specification and industry best practices.

  • Maintain your current environment for you (month to month). See our EPO service for more information.

  • Upgrade your software environment to the most recent stable version.

  • Migrate your software environment to a new server (keeping your current configuration and historical data).

  • Plugin support and creation.

Essential SNMP Book written by TruePaths Owner & Senior Engineer


Written for network and system administrators, the book introduces the basics of SNMP and then offers a technical background on how to use it effectively. Essential Snmp explores both commercial and open source packages