Open Source Software Support

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TruePath Technologies is a leader in monitoring tools and many of these software tools are available for free under open source licenses to end-users.  The problem with these tools is support. When there's a problem, who can we turn to?

Where do we go for help? TruePath Technologies has long term experience with open source software support using: Nagios, Cacti, Check_MK, RRDtool, op5, NagVis, MRTG, NSClient, ntop, smoke ping, etc (just to name a few). We pride ourselves in servicing our customers needs with quick response times, great pricing and thinking out of the box with best practices recommendations.


Software Support Services

  • Custom service levels and support options to meet your needs
  • Able to provide 24x7 phone and ticket support if needed
  • Support for multiple software releases within your environment
  • Consulting services available at a discounted rate for bug fixes, enhancements, plugins, etc.
  • Onsite and remote training for your staff and NOC

Consulting Services

  • Install and configure the software to your specification and industry best practices
  • Maintain your current environment for you (month to month). See our EPO service for more information
  • Upgrade your software environment to the most recent stable version
  • Migrate your software environment to a new server (keeping your current configuration and historical data)
  • Plugin support and creation

TruePath specializes in business application processes analysis and monitoring solutions. We leverage your IT teams’ knowledge by giving them the ability to collect data, report, monitor, proactively react and fix issues within your business process environment.