Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Douglas Mauro Photo

Douglas Mauro

Founder and Sr Engineer
O’Reilly author of the best selling SNMP book, Essential SNMP. He is the founder and senior engineer at TruePath Technologies, Inc. since 2006. In addition, he has over 17 years of experience with data centers, monitoring, storage and software programming.

Aaron Newman

Founder and CEO of CloudCheckr (AWS analytic service provider) and has been the visionary behind multiple successful start-up ventures over the past 12 years. Mr. Newman exhibits the foresight necessary to propel TruePath to the forefront of the network monitoring field. Having garnered valuable experience during his tenure as CEO of Techrigy, Mr. Newman is a valued member of the TruePath team.

Michael Hess

Over 20 years’ experience in consumer product sales and marketing, product development, entrepreneurship and executive management. He has been featured on T.V., radio and other press, and is the author of the regular CBS News column “Business With Class,” with tens of thousands of followers around the world. Mr. Hess brings a unique perspective to TruePath Technologies.

Kevin Klein

Data Center Specialist for Cisco Systems and former President of Adventive Inc. With an extensive background encompassing sales, marketing, engineering, and management, Mr. Klein is well versed in the aspects necessary to provide TruePath Technologies guidance and direction.