Premier HW-group Partner

We are very proud to announce that we are the premier partner for reselling and supporting HW group remote, environmental sensors products in the United States, Canada and parts of South America effective December For more information, please read the full press release (pdf) Here’s a quick list of some of HW group’s products: HWg-Ares12 GSM/GPRS Thermometer […]

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op5 Management Packs

op5’s new Management Packs.  Even easier to setup monitoring across your devices!

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LinkedIn Button on SalesForce

If you’re doing business and not using LinkedIn you are behind the times (for sure!).  If you’re using SalesForce and LinkedIn, syncing the data can be tough. Here’s a quick helper button/link you can add to SalesForce when you send a LinkedIn invitation out.   Clicking on this brings up a pre-filled completed task:   […]

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Podcast from Comptel Plus Show

Douglas Mauro (Founder and Sr Engineer) talks with TelecomReseller about the Comptel show, TruePath and the industry: 

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For those that work with JSON data … this online tool is very helpful!

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Using ‘screen’ for remote interaction

Sure we love logmein, webex, etc. Sometimes we just wanna use good ol’ ssh and screen. Here’s a writeup on using screen in multi user mode Another good (better) site: Here’s my quick cheat sheet as HOST (root) screen -S TPT hit Ctrl-a then type :multiuser on hit return hit Ctrl-a then type :acladd truepath […]

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Helping to Copy Trap Definitions within SolarWinds

Currently there is no nice way of copying trap definitions within SolarWinds.  This might not sound like a bad thing until you have 30+ conditions and need to click 400+ times for each trap copy.  Ugh! Here’s a sample of what we’re looking at. The goal is to copy all those hand picked conditions from […]

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Using pv to limit pipes

While looking to tame down our tar backups, I found a good write up on using pv tool to throttle bandwidth of a pipe   tar cf – mydata | pv -L 1m >/media/MYDISK/backup.tar   Grabbed and installed from yum but this looks to the be the source  

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OAM Performance Monitoring

Good video on OAM Perf Mon which our LMS software rocks at!

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Increasing Disk Space on Linux EC2

Great write-up on expanding the existing root EBS volume for an EBS-backed instance: Stop the instance. Create a snapshot of the root EBS volume. Create an ESB volume from that snapshot with the new desired size. (Please ensure it is in the same AZ as the instance) Detach the root EBS volume and attach the […]

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