Quick-Tip: How to Make SNMP More Secure

TruePath Technologies Quick Tips: How to Make SNMP More Secure

People are always asking us about SNMP and security. We recently ran across this quick tip from Tony Fortunato of Lovemytool.com and knew we had to share it. While working with a client recently, Fortunato had a conversation about potential security risks when enabling SNMP V2. He explained that, while the security risks are likely […]

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Headed to the Hudson: TruePath Technologies Sponsors Park Ave Bike Shop

TruePath Technologies Sponsors Park Ave Bike Shop

Those who know us know we love to give back at every chance we get. We recently had the pleasure of sponsoring the Park Ave Bike Shop and their club out of Rochester, NY. Daniel Elner of Park Ave said: “My fellow club members and I cannot thank you enough for your support on this […]

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TruePath Technologies Sponsors SharkFest 2017!

TruePath Technologies Sponsors Sharkfest Wireshark Conference 2017

Wireshark, the widely-used network protocol analyzer, is gearing up for yet another SharkFest U.S. conference! For those not familiar, SharkFest is an annual educational conference designed to help developers and users from the Wireshark community share knowledge, experience, and best practices. And this year, SharkFest celebrates its 10th-year anniversary at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, […]

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Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland Features OP5 This Sunday, 3/19, at 5:30 P.M. EST


Don’t miss it! This Sunday, 3/19, at 5:30 P.M. EST our friends at OP5 will be featured exclusively on Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland. OP5 is an industry-leading developer of Open Source Management solutions. They offer enterprise-class software for monitoring and administration of the whole IT infrastructure, from hardware and software to virtual and cloud-based […]

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New Year, New Tools! And We’ve Got the First Peek into HWgroup’s Latest Product Line

If you have been keeping up with the TruePath blog, (which we trust you have!) you would know that over the past three months we have introduced cool, new tools that can take your business to the next level. During each educational webinar, TruePath’s CEO, Douglas Mauro, highlights the tools our team uses every day […]

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TruePath’s Tools to Take with You into 2017

As this year winds down and you start to prepare for what’s to come in 2017, those typical end-of-year activities begin to pop up: work projects, budget cuts, the holidays – the list goes on and on. Believe us when we say we understand how it can sometimes be nothing short of overwhelming. In the […]

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TruePath Cool Tools: A Series for Us All

In a world that is constantly evolving, especially when it comes to the Internet, the Internet of Things (IoT), The Internet of Everything (IoE) and just about everything else in the tech industry, it’s hard to know which programs and products are most efficient or worth the download. Every time we enter the app store, […]

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Cool Tools Webinar Series

TruePath Cool Tools    

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ProfiShark 1G from PROFITAP

Latest press release from Profitap. Purchase online now in our web store! ProfiShark 1G features include: 10/100/1G monitoring on USB 3.0 USB 3.0 powered with no adapter required Fail-safe monitoring; a bypass system activates in case of power failure Hardware aggregation 8 ns hardware timestamping for accurate latency testing Low-level error and bandwidth monitoring Real-time statistics CRC […]

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check_image Plugin (Nagios Exchange)

Head over to Nagios Exchange to see our latest plugin: check_image Summary: Downloads image file from website to check its dimensions. Program takes three args: file url, height, width. If only the url is given then the program will use a default size of 1 x 1. The program will return success if the image dimensions match or […]

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