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Since 2006, TruePath Technology has provided industry leading monitoring software and services that put you, the customer, first. Our Enterprise Principle Offering (EPO) is a fully managed monitoring software service. This award winning service configures and maintains your monitoring software remotely. You own the software in your datacenter. From OpenSource to Enterprise grade software, we can manage it all. We configure and maintaining your monitoring software so you can avoid costly network downtime and maintenance and focus on what’s most important: moving your business forward.

Steve Mittereder

Senior Technical Manager, Giant Eagle

“TruePath has been a terrific partner for Giant Eagle, by providing technically sound, efficient, and cost effective managed services for our IT infrastructure.”

Brenden Griswold

Solutions Development Manager

“Our partnership with True Path has been a critical component to our network monitoring, they have given us the insight and tools that we needed to become an elite internet service provider for our customers.”

Built with you in mind

Take a look at our testimonials section to see what our happy customers have to say.

TruePath started eleven years ago in upstate New York with founder and chief engineer Douglas Mauro and his determination to create a better kind of monitoring software service. (See Douglas, author of the O’Reilly book on SNMP, Essential SNMP: Help for System and Network Administrators.)

Today, we’re an industry leader in enterprise monitoring as a service with customer-focused operations, lightning-fast response times, and leading-edge products and services. We take pride in offering the highest level of customer service possible by providing on-going support before, during, and after implementation of our custom-tailored solutions.

What makes us different (and why that’s great for you)

We’re not your run-of-the-mill monitoring software service. Because we care about your business, we give you the best of both worlds.
  • In-house – This allows you, the customer, to better utilize monitoring software services at a lower cost but at the expense of cutting important features and overall service quality.
  • Outsourced – This method offers more robust features, but with less dependable customer support and at a higher cost when compared to traditional in-house services.

“The pre-sales team got involved right away and made sure the correct equipment and layout design was going to be functional before ordering. Sensors, distances, and connector types were all reviewed; there were no surprises.”

Mike Labath

IT Manager, MIDC

“With op5 Monitor features, not only can we implement monitoring and alerting, but we are able to use trend data and forecast growth as well. It has provided significant stability and insight into our IT operations.”

Dustin Tatgenhorst, MCP, CCNA

Director of IT, axosoft

  • You pay less and get high-quality in-house service: We don’t outsource the managing of your monitoring software. Everything, and we mean everything, is taken care of in-house by TruePath’s own skilled engineers.
  • You get top-of-the-line features: We offer leading-edge services that allow you to have your monitoring software configured the way your business needs it.

Plus, we give your people the tools, charts, and alerts they need to stay on top of things without getting in the way of their real job. By combining the lower cost of an in-house solution with the robust features of an outsourced solution, we’re able to give you the best of both worlds: low-cost and cutting-edge enterprise monitoring as a service.

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