Profitap F2S

Profitap F2S

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A 2-Link SC Fiber TAP, this highly-performant tool is built for cost-effective connection and flawless monitoring of your fiber network.

It’s a compact tap device that offers a permanent network link and it’s invisible to the network.

All our full duplex TAPs offer a clear, detailed and continuous picture of your network. They are must-have tools when assessing potential problems, providing complete visibility for analyzing the data that flows through your network.

2-Link SC Fiber Optic TAP

Providing two separate In-Line TAP in one housing, it passively sees and monitors all protocol layers, offering

• Non intrusive In-Line Monitoring
• Permanent Network Link guaranteed
• Monitoring for all Protocol Levels
• No Package Loss
• No point of failure
• Passive, unpowered device
• All In- and Out- Ports & all Monitor Ports at frontside
• Tested with major analysis & monitoring systems

For use with 2 Channel Hardware or Software Analyzer or Aggregation facilities/appliances at 1G/10G & 40G Networks

TruePath is the exclusive partner of Profitap covering their entire product line.  Feel free to contact us for direct sales, distributor sales and technical support.

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