HWg Temp-1Wire-Flat 3m

HWg Temp-1Wire-Flat 3m

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Temperature probe -30°C to +60°C (-22°F to +140°F) for outdoor use. The probe in a stainless steel casing is safe for use even in environments such as pharmaceutical or food industry. Suitable for installation in a refrigerator, its flat connection cable can be routed under the door seal.

Temperature sensor for freezers (-30 to +60°C), watertight (IP67) stainless steel 17241 probe, flat cable 3m, 1-Wire connector RJ11. Flat connection cable for routing under the door seals. Suitable for use in refrigerators and freezers. Suitable for outdoor use

Applications and usage:

    • Temperature measuring in high-humidity environment
    • Temperature monitoring in IT cabinets
    • Temperature measuring in refrigerators
    • Outdoor temperature monitoring

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