HWg-STE is an ethernet web thermometer with MS Excel reporting software. Alerts by e-mail to high temperature, SNMP support.  Up to two temperature/humidity probes can be connected. Supplied with temperature probe, power adaptor and software.

HWg-STE is an Ethernet thermometer (hygrometer) with SNMP and WEB interfaces. Web thermometer with a LAN connection, built-in web interface and SNMP support and free software for creating MS Excel reports. Sends an e-mail alert if the temperature goes out of a specified range. Typical applications include monitoring the temperature of equipment, computers or disk arrays, or monitoring HVAC operation.

Applications and usage:

  • Air conditioning failure Temperature monitor; rising temperature indicates cooling fault.
  • Heating system monitoring Remote monitoring of a heating system, alert by e-mail or SMS (Email-2-SMS) to a danger of freezing. Temperature report to MS Excel available.
  • Cooler/freezer monitoring Sends an e-mail if the cooler malfunctions. Logs operating and storage conditions. Temperature reports.
  • Heating optimization Web thermometer saves heating and air-conditioning costs. Temperature reports for MS Excel.
  • Food storage Monitors optimal storage conditions. With application software, HACCP reports can be created.
  • Remote rack monitoring Temperature / humidity monitoring inside and outside of a rack, SNMP monitoring.

Live demo: ste.hwg.cz/

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