HWG Damocles2 2404 Set

HWG Damocles2 2404 Set


Damocles2 2404 connects 24 dry contact inputs and 4 relay outputs to a network. Secure M2M communication (HTTPs, IPv6, SNMPv3).
The product can be powered from a 12V source, over PoE, or using the Telco –48VDC standard. Recommended starter pack containing Damocles2 2404, power adaptor and HWg CD with user manual.

Damocles2 2404 is an I/O unit for telecom applications featuring secure communication and 12V, PoE or -48V (Telco standard) power options. Digital inputs (DI) can accept 12 dry contacts, digital outputs (DO) control 4 relays. Remote I/O can be controlled using secure SNMPv3 or HTTPs protocols or standard M2M protocols (SNMP, Modbus/TCP, XML). Support for IPv6 simplifies deployment in Telco applications. Professional I/O signaling over a LAN HTTP / HTTPs SNMP v3 MQTT for cloud (IoT) applications TLS for sending e-mail -48V Telco power standard support IPv6 support Portal / Cloud support I/O can be connected to the SensDesk portal. The MQTT interface allows connection e.g. to the MS Azure cloud. SMS GW can be used to signal Internet connectivity failure. Applications Damocles2 can be connected to various monitoring systems. We support over 50 different third-party NMS, SNMP, SCADA or Cloud applications. It can work as a snmp relay. Damocles2 2404 is typically used to monitor many remote relay outputs. Examples include fire detection, alerts from technical equipment, door contacts, etc. States of connected I/O are then displayed in the customer's monitoring system.
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