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TruePath Infographic … Who Are We?

TruePath teams op5 and HWgroup products!

op5-Temperature-sensor-HWg-STETruePath's engineering published article in the knowledge base for Monitoring Humidity / Temperature sensor with HWg-STE or HWg-STE Plus in op5.  Full write-up on HWgroup's Software Site.



NagVis Gold Sponsor

NagVis Logo

TruePath is now a Gold Sponsor of the NagVis project.  This software can be found in many programs like op5, nagios, etc.  We're happy to be a part of this and continue our work with NagVis.

Poseidon2 4002 coming soon!

Poseidon2 4002Poseidon2 4002 is a remote environment monitoring system for datacenters and server rooms.  It alerts to open door, high temperature and humidity, or other sensor readings. Typical applications include monitoring one or more racks, or the entire server room. Poseidon2 4002 can be mounted on the wall, on a DIN rail, or as a 1U device in a 19” rack.

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TruePath is now a sponsor of NSClient++

nswideExcited to announce that we're a sponsor of the ever popular NSClient++. This is a simple yet powerful and secure monitoring daemon. Have a look under sponsors.

TruePath speaking at FISPA 2014

FISPA-Logo1TruePath's founder and senior engineer Douglas Mauro will be speaking at the 2014 FISPA event. Stop by and hear the discussion on Monitoring your Telco Enterprise.

Premier HW-group Partner

We are very proud to announce that we are the premier partner for reselling and supporting HW group remote, environmental sensors products in the United States, Canada and parts of South America effective December

For more information, please read the full press release (pdf)

Here's a quick list of some of HW group's products:


op5 Management Packs

op5's new Management Packs.  Even easier to setup monitoring across your devices!

LinkedIn Button on SalesForce

If you're doing business and not using LinkedIn you are behind the times (for sure!).  If you're using SalesForce and LinkedIn, syncing the data can be tough.

Here's a quick helper button/link you can add to SalesForce when you send a LinkedIn invitation out.


Clicking on this brings up a pre-filled completed task:


So let's create a custom button:

1st: Goto Setup -> Customize -> Leads -> Buttons, Links and Actions

2nd : Create a new button with the following:


Here's the code for the URL:


Save and then goto your Leads -> Page Layout and drop the new button in there.  Enjoy and I hope this helps.